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Dee Miller. Auntie Dee to our little girl. I honestly would not have survived my first 3 months of mommy-hood without Dee. Dee not only took care of our baby; she also took care of me. EVERY session (without exaggeration), I’d leave feeling much better than when I came. For the brand new Mom’s, you know how much of a blessing that is. I looked forward to “Dee” time! Dee would see us every week for months as my LO was pretty strong willed, and she’d rather sleep than eat. She dropped as low as the 6th percentile in weight. With the help, guidance, support and encouragement from “Auntie Dee,” she grew to above the 90th percentile by the time she was 9 months. From low milk supply to long-gapped let downs to cracked nipples to going back to work, Dee was a lifeboat. Due to my next pregnancy, my daughter and my breastfeeding journey ended when she was 8 months old. I think I may have shed more tears knowing that we didn’t “need” Dee anymore. Well, when the second one came, Dee had transitioned to a new job in a new state. Still, I was able to reach out to Dee for guidance and support. My daughter (and now son) and I will always be grateful for Auntie Dee!

Elisha Collins

Dee was very helpful and professional. She listened to and answered all of my and my husband’s questions with patience and attentiveness. Dee made me feel much more secure in my ability to nurture my daughter. The care plan she provided for us was very thorough and specific. I appreciate her compassion. Her expertise is a great value to nursing moms and their partners. I would highly recommend Dee to anyone needing professional assistance.

Danielle Djuric

I can’t put into words how much Dee helped me in my breastfeeding journey! I met Dee
when I was pregnant with my twins. Not only did I not know how to handle newborn
twins, but I also had no idea how I could breastfeed twins. Dee was patient, kind, and incredibly
knowledgeable. When I thought I was nursing, she gently corrected the latch and
showed me how to help my babies nurse properly. Dee will be your biggest
cheerleader, help answer your questions, and provide you with the techniques to have a
successful breastfeeding experience. We love Dee!

Stormy Mascitelli

Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am for Dee. As a new mom, trying to figure out the
mechanics of breastfeeding while watching my baby cry from hunger and continue to drop weight was not something I was prepared for. Dee was always accommodating to my needs and the needs of my newborn. If one technique did not work she knew exactly what to do next. She always made my son and me feel like we were a priority and was always there every step of the way. She always took the time to help with new nursing techniques, work on latching, complete weight-checks, and even helped when I was experiencing engorgement and mastitis. I 100% believe that if it was not for Dee, her love and passion for her work, and her continuous advice and encouragement; I would not be where I am today or the mom that I am today. 3 years later and another sweet boy later, I still call Dee for advice and help. I was able to breastfeed my oldest until he was 17 months and my youngest and I are going 8 months strong. I would not have been able to have a successful breastfeeding journey without Dee and truly believe she is the absolute best in her field.

Sheila Coleman

It’s 3 AM, and I’m rocking my beautiful baby girl in AGONY, sobbing, because I am in so much pain and she’s hungry! I feel like an absolute failure and worried I won’t be able to continue my breastfeeding journey with my first baby who is less than a week old. I am googling Lactation Consultants, and I come across Dee. I read some reviews and sent her a message immediately begging for her to come over and help me ASAP! I saw her schedule was booked till the following week but I couldn’t take it any longer!!! Dee squeezed me in and drove straight to my house a couple days later, giving me tips on how to survive the 2 days in between! When Dee arrived I learned more about my baby’s latch, her mouth, how much milk she was taking in, and a ton of tips and knowledge about breastfeeding that they DO NOT tell you in the hospital. It’s absolutely crazy how unsupported us new moms can feel when leaving the hospital. LCs at the hospital told us the latch is great and left it at that with no guidance! Dee showed me different positions & better ways to latch my very aggressive sucker who has felt like a piranha at the edge of my nipple since day 1! A couple days in, my nipples are finally starting to heal again, my latch is WAY better, I haven’t cried since Dee’s visit, and I feel like I have HOPE again. Because of her support and help I feel like I can be the mother I want to be, exclusively breastfeeding her if I so choose. This journey has been rough but quickly turned around. I feel empowered and like I’,m winning!!! Motherhood is amazing. Breastfeeding your child is incredible and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I strongly encourage you get a visit from Dee if you’re struggling yourself! You’ve got this mama! We all need support and if you aren’t getting it, you’ve found it with Dee.

Alexis Conradi

Two days out of the hospital I was engorged, exhausted, and like many, completely uneducated
about breastfeeding. I was under the common misconception that you birth your baby, boob
your baby, and feed your baby. BOOM! DONE! Sadly, this couldn’t have been farther from a picnic in my case.

No lactation specialists were available at the hospital at the time I delivered, so I had to visit them
later. They were awesome, but I needed extended help and they weren’t able to give it to me.
Much of the focus was on weight gain (or lack there-of) and all it did was make me even more
anxious, which of course inhibits let-down!

After several lactation visits, a lip and tongue revision (my son had a lip and tongue tie preventing
him from being able to latch properly causing LOTS of pain, crying, and puking), thousands (no
really THOUSANDS) of dollars spent on several breast pumps, lactation treats, topical rubs,
special bras, and whatever else I could find to make what was supposed to be a natural
experience happen, I was finally referred to Ms. Dee.

Before my referral to Dee, I had been calling the surrounding hospitals to see if I could get a different lactation specialist to tell me what I wanted to hear. The hospital I had delivered at had done all they could do and the other hospital in the area didn’t have a lactation consultant. I was transferred to the
nursery accidentally and was told by a baby nurse to call the hospital in my town and
ask to speak with Dee Miller. I was at the eye doctor. It was one of the first outings I had
with my new baby (who was about 6 weeks at the time). I was fighting with a nursing cover
because I was so embarrassed at the complete struggle that ensued each time I tried to latch
my son. The latch went exactly as I expected and I just buried my head under the nursing cover
and started to cry, thinking about all I had experienced in just 6 short weeks and wondering
why I was continuing to put my son through this struggle. I had been reminded by pediatric
nurses “your baby has to eat, even if it isn’t from you.” I was also given multiple bottles of formula and told to supplement and take nursing breaks. I was even told my son may be allergic to my breastmilk! I felt so defeated and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t do one of the amazing things my body was meant to do.

I dialed the number to Ms. Dee and the phone rang and rang. While ringing, the doctor came
out and called me back to start my eye exam. I had just gotten my son Cannon sort of latched and as I stood he unlatched and started screaming. I heard a voicemail come on and I don’t
remember what I said, but I know I was fighting back tears as I left the message.
Ms. Dee called me back later that evening and I knew immediately she was the person I had needed. She invited me to a breastfeeding support group that was happening a couple of days later and recommended some AMAZING nipple cream.

The morning of the breastfeeding support group, Cannon had an appointment at his pediatrician’s office, and afterward, we headed over to the support group. When I walked in I felt like I had found the place I belonged. I spoke with Ms. Dee about my son and the things that were going on with him and she offered a weighed feed consult and to check out my son’s latch and feeding position. She
gave me a ton of tips about ways to hold him and even discovered his ties were not completely
released. Once we got his second tie revision and learned different breastfeeding holds
(football will forever be a favorite) I was finally able to relax a little more. I started to pump less
and would just put Cannon to my breast as suggested by Ms. Dee. No fancy foods, supplements, or
drinks were needed. When I went back to work my supply dipped a bit, but I was armed with the
knowledge I needed to ensure Cannon was still getting the milk he needed. We discontinued
supplementing and Ms. Dee taught me paced bottle feeding which I taught to my mom who
kept my son while I was at work. He never drank more than the 1 to 1.5 oz per
recommendation and even though his weight gain was slow, he was following his curve perfectly.

Fast forward to April 2021 and my son turned two years old! We had been slowing down on
nursing, but I know there is no way I would have made it two years of breastfeeding if I wouldn’t
have met Ms. Dee. Her relaxed demeanor, kind words, and gentle guidance are INVALUABLE if
you are going to be a breastfeeding mom. Her ability to make a new breastfeeding mama feel
like an old pro is something you will only believe if you experience it. If I ever have any more
children, I would travel ANY distance to have Ms. Dee assess my baby and help me start my
breastfeeding journey the right way. A gem like Ms. Dee is rare and any moms who have the pleasure to meet and learn from her, are truly blessed.

Miranda James

The connection I had with Ms. Dee was beautiful. She was very patient and was just as excited as I was starting my Breastfeeding Journey. I never felt uncomfortable. She was always positive and made me feel good about every situation that came my way.  She was the only person who kept me in good spirits when everyone else told me to give up because I wasn’t producing enough milk.  Without Ms. Dee supporting me I would have given up too early.

Tre-Z’ahn Hibbs

I’m super thankful for Dee as she is a very essential part of my breastfeeding journey. After having an unplanned c-section and a traumatic birth experience, I was super worried about breastfeeding my little one as my milk has been very slow to come in. Dee provides very clear, concise, and thoughtful care that will cater towards you, your baby, and any unique situation that you may have. I left the hospital with thoughts of giving up but because of Dee, I am committed to making progress and continuing my breastfeeding journey.

Melita Thompson

Working with Dee was a wonderful experience. I had a scheduled c section, so I set up an appointment with Dee 2 days after I returned home from the hospital and I’m so happy I did. She came to our house and worked with us in our own environment, providing solutions and help when we needed it most. We had several problems, including a tongue tie. I truly believe Dee’s expertise and experience saved our breastfeeding journey. Without her quick help, I would have lost my milk supply while we struggled with our baby’s tongue tie. Now, I’ve been able to successfully breastfeed for 3 months! I highly recommend working with Dee for anyone considering breastfeeding.


Haley Miller

I was an older mom who had my first daughter via IVF, so my doctor wasn’t sure I would be able to produce enough milk. She was born prematurely and was in the NICU for ten days. She was bottle-fed in the NICU while I pumped what I could so she had a hard time latching. Her doctors encouraged me to switch to formula exclusively but I was determined to breastfeed as much as I could. Thank God I found Dee, whose expertise helped me up my supply, trained me how to get a better latch from my daughter, and gave me the faith that I could produce what I need for my daughter. My daughter started putting on weight without formula, and our breastfeeding journey lasted 2.5 beautiful years thanks to Dee’s support.

Anne Thibault Geen
Associate Professor, Theatre
Eastern Illinois University

As a new mom, I had a list of questions ready to ask when Dee arrived. By the end of our session when I went to look at my long list of questions there were only 3 questions left to ask because she answered them all on her own. My confidence in my breastfeeding journey increased immensely after our visit. If I run into any more issues I will not hesitate to schedule another appointment with Dee. I wish more people would take advantage of her services before giving up on breastfeeding.

Christina A.

I had my daughter in June 2020. Here we are 18 months later and still breastfeeding! It all started with Dee taking the time to help me learn to help my daughter latch and always reminding me I was producing enough for her. Dee is so patient and was always willing to answer my questions. I’m so thankful for her help in those first few weeks, from help in the hospital to weighted feeds to several phone consults. If it weren’t for her I probably would have quit in those first few days, but her support helped me persevere and I’m so thankful I did.

Vanessa Ludwig

When I first called Dee, I was sobbing, holding my premature son who was also sobbing. I had
just had a meltdown with my husband saying, “I just want to make it to 12 months!” Translation: I
wanted to breastfeed our baby for a year. Thanks to Dee, this is now an inside joke between my
husband and me. When I nursed our son for the last time at 38 months, my husband chuckled
and said, “You just wanted to make it to 12 months.” We snuggled our thriving, happy, healthy,
well-bonded, and attached little boy who was once a very small premature, and sick baby. When I
walked out of his room that night I immediately texted Dee, sobbing again, because none of it
would have been possible without her. My baby, who was barely 5lbs when she first met him, is
thriving. I nursed him through prematurity, military moves, a second pregnancy,
a pandemic, and alongside his sister for 14 months. I nursed him through all of this
because Dee gave me the tools I needed in the beginning and the support I needed for the
remaining 3 years. She was the only one to diagnose our daughter’s tongue tie from a
video I sent her, despite being multiple states away from us. This was a tongue tie that multiple
local doctors, nurses, and LCs missed. She supported me when the rest of the medical
community had said formula would be easier when the same baby’s multiple protein allergies
required a strict elimination diet on my part. She never told me “breast is best,” she always said that
I knew what was best, and she helped me reach and surpass all of my goals; for my kids and
for myself. Dee is single-handedly the reason I never gave up. Dee is the very best kind of friend
and mentor to have when you have kids. I’ve never felt judged by her and always felt at ease
after talking to her. When I look at my happy and healthy children and I think of the bond we
share it’s impossible not to remember and love the woman who made it possible.

Blair S.

I first met Dee when she worked at a small-town hospital where I delivered my first child. I was very worried about nursing and when people asked me if I planned on nursing I would always give an unsure, “I’m going to try.” In my mind, nursing was something only a few people’s bodies were capable of doing and I wasn’t sure I was going to be the lucky few. I had heard other people share their experiences and when I heard most bottle-fed their babies, I assumed it was because some moms just couldn’t nurse their babies. 

Dee was with me every step of the way in that small hospital and treated me (and was present at my bedside) as if I were the only mother in the hospital giving birth. She was there at delivery and was helping me immediately and within that first hour until we got my son to latch. Dee is so calming, comforting, caring, and encouraging. Of course, as a new mother, I was a nervous wreck. Dee never once made me doubt I could nurse. Throughout my hospital stay, she was there with me and that has continued outside of the hospital room to this day. 

We moved away from that area shortly after my first child was born, and I now have 3 children aged 3 and under. I delivered my second and third at a much larger hospital network, in a large city, and one thing is for sure, Dee is the best Lactation Consultant there is. The hospital I delivered my other children at boasted of their 30+ Lactation Consultants, boasting of how nursing-friendly they were, yet there was a huge disconnect from what they claimed and how I was treated as a mother giving birth. I never experienced an LC at my bedside after delivery. I had to request to see one during my stay and had doubts placed into my mind of if I could nurse properly. By the time I had my third, I felt much more comfortable reaching out to Dee rather than relying on the lactation consultant staff at the hospital I delivered at. Dee’s services and heart are far above anyone I’ve ever encountered. She has continued to be my biggest supporter as a nursing mother, and has always been there in a pinch when I’ve been worried about something, or if I had questions regarding supply issues, medications, etc. There are not enough words I could write to get across how wonderful she is. She’s not just a Lactation Consultant; she’s made it her mission to support other women. She has been so much of a help and inspiration to me, I’ve made it my goal to do exactly what she does someday. I am a stay-at-home mother and someday, when my kids are much older, I’m hoping I can be half the help and support she is to other women who need encouragement and support in their Breastfeeding Journey.

Samantha K.

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