Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am for Dee. As a new mom, trying to figure out the
mechanics of breastfeeding while watching my baby cry from hunger and continue to drop weight was not something I was prepared for. Dee was always accommodating to my needs and the needs of my newborn. If one technique did not work she knew exactly what to do next. She always made my son and me feel like we were a priority and was always there every step of the way. She always took the time to help with new nursing techniques, work on latching, complete weight-checks, and even helped when I was experiencing engorgement and mastitis. I 100% believe that if it was not for Dee, her love and passion for her work, and her continuous advice and encouragement; I would not be where I am today or the mom that I am today. 3 years later and another sweet boy later, I still call Dee for advice and help. I was able to breastfeed my oldest until he was 17 months and my youngest and I are going 8 months strong. I would not have been able to have a successful breastfeeding journey without Dee and truly believe she is the absolute best in her field.

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