Dee, where do I begin? She is a superhero in our family! I met Dee when taking the
breastfeeding class offered at the local hospital in 2018. I knew breastfeeding was something I
was going to do, but I was leery of the process. Right away after delivery Dee was gently by my
side coaching me on how to latch our tiny girl. I gained so much confidence with nursing my 5 lb

5 oz newborn. Nursing a tiny baby with low weight takes consistency, lots of water, snacks, and
a tribe of encouragers! Slow but eager weight gains were happening. I am so grateful to have
had Dee’s expertise and encouraging advice to assist us. With the knowledge Dee lovingly
shared, I set my mind to exclusively nursing and I knew I would soar. Was it hard? Yes. Did it
take work? Absolutely! But I never allowed myself the mindset to give up. The undeniable bond
with each of my girls I gained by breastfeeding are seasons in life I will always hold dear to my
heart. It is honestly one of my most proud accomplishments as a woman.
I truly give Dee all the praise for establishing this love of nursing. Dee planted reassurance and
desire by teaching me the nutritional value and so much more breastfeeding offers. Many
times in the last 4 years I have been able to reach out and quickly receive a response on any
lactation concern. I am forever grateful for Dee’s heart for lactation!

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