Dee Miller. Auntie Dee to our little girl. I honestly would not have survived my first 3 months of mommy-hood without Dee. Dee not only took care of our baby; she also took care of me. EVERY session (without exaggeration), I’d leave feeling much better than when I came. For the brand new Mom’s, you know how much of a blessing that is. I looked forward to “Dee” time! Dee would see us every week for months as my LO was pretty strong willed, and she’d rather sleep than eat. She dropped as low as the 6th percentile in weight. With the help, guidance, support and encouragement from “Auntie Dee,” she grew to above the 90th percentile by the time she was 9 months. From low milk supply to long-gapped let downs to cracked nipples to going back to work, Dee was a lifeboat. Due to my next pregnancy, my daughter and my breastfeeding journey ended when she was 8 months old. I think I may have shed more tears knowing that we didn’t “need” Dee anymore. Well, when the second one came, Dee had transitioned to a new job in a new state. Still, I was able to reach out to Dee for guidance and support. My daughter (and now son) and I will always be grateful for Auntie Dee!

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