It’s 3 AM, and I’m rocking my beautiful baby girl in AGONY, sobbing, because I am in so much pain and she’s hungry! I feel like an absolute failure and worried I won’t be able to continue my breastfeeding journey with my first baby who is less than a week old. I am googling Lactation Consultants, and I come across Dee. I read some reviews and sent her a message immediately begging for her to come over and help me ASAP! I saw her schedule was booked till the following week but I couldn’t take it any longer!!! Dee squeezed me in and drove straight to my house a couple days later, giving me tips on how to survive the 2 days in between! When Dee arrived I learned more about my baby’s latch, her mouth, how much milk she was taking in, and a ton of tips and knowledge about breastfeeding that they DO NOT tell you in the hospital. It’s absolutely crazy how unsupported us new moms can feel when leaving the hospital. LCs at the hospital told us the latch is great and left it at that with no guidance! Dee showed me different positions & better ways to latch my very aggressive sucker who has felt like a piranha at the edge of my nipple since day 1! A couple days in, my nipples are finally starting to heal again, my latch is WAY better, I haven’t cried since Dee’s visit, and I feel like I have HOPE again. Because of her support and help I feel like I can be the mother I want to be, exclusively breastfeeding her if I so choose. This journey has been rough but quickly turned around. I feel empowered and like I’,m winning!!! Motherhood is amazing. Breastfeeding your child is incredible and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I strongly encourage you get a visit from Dee if you’re struggling yourself! You’ve got this mama! We all need support and if you aren’t getting it, you’ve found it with Dee.

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