Breastfeeding During the Holidays & Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding During the Holidays and Travel Tips

Rest is so important. Don’t try to do everything. Stress can reduce supply. Limit your extra activities. Let someone else do the decorating, cooking, and hosting. If at all possible try to remain in your own home for the holidays, especially if breastfeeding is new or your baby is very young.

Try to stay in your normal feeding routines. Family members who just want to be helpful by offering to hold or feed bottles can unknowingly affect your supply. This can lead to a decrease in milk production, clogged ducts, or even mastitis.

Keeping mom and baby healthy while making breastfeeding a priority will ensure protection from exposure to family and friends’ unfamiliar germs during holidays.

Mother and Baby

If traveling away for the holidays, remember that your baby may sleep or nap more when you are on the go during the actual travel and this can lead to more awake times during the night and if entering into different time zones. This may affect feedings as well. Try your best to feed at times as you normally would at home, and be sure to keep track of your feedings so that you are maintaining 8-12 feeds in a 24 hour period.

If you will be pumping while traveling, remember to bring all the supplies you will need to keep your milk stored appropriately such as extra storage bags, pump parts, coolers, ice packs, etc. If traveling by air make sure you know the amounts of expressed breastmilk TSA will allow you to carry on and be prepared to have your milk inspected by the agents. Dry ice, when handled and used correctly, is a good way to keep breastmilk frozen while traveling. 

Make sure to plan for extra time to stop while traveling so that breastfeeding, rest, and proper nutrition for mom and baby remain a priority.

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